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Resolution 44 - 2019

Rockland Community College Board of Trustees Approved 12/12/19 BN

Date: December 12, 2019 To: Board of Trustees From: Dr. Michael A. Baston Subject:Approval to Accept Funds from SUNY's Office for Capital Facilities


A motion by Trustee Valentine, second by Trustee Donnellan, and

WHEREAS, Rockland Community College has made emergency repairs and capital improvements for Swimming Pool Rehabilitation, Fieldhouse/Physical Education Interior and Exterior, Security Improvements, and Building and Infrastructure Improvements during the 2019 Fiscal Year; and

WHEREAS, Repairs made were funded by the Rockland Community College Association, Inc. a 501(c)3 a not-for-profit organization related to Rockland Community College; and

WHEREAS, SUNY's Office for Capital Facilities will reimburse approved capital improvement projects with a 50% State Share as indicated in the below table; therefore be it

Project NameAmount
50% State
Swimming Pool Rehabilitation $25,067.18 $12,533.59
Fieldhouse/PE Improvements $46,910.91 $23,455.45
Security Improvements $30,764.91 $15,382.46
Building & Infrastructure Improvements $121,511.72 $60,155.86

RESOLVED, The Rockland Community College Board of Trustees approves the acceptance of funds from SUNY's Office for Capital Facilities totaling $224,254 with a 50% State share of $112,127.


Yeas: Trustees Rand, Dillon, Valentine, Donnellan, Hilowitz, Ramos and Leonard
Nays: none
Motion passed: 7 yeas, 0 nay, 0 abstentions
December 12, 2019