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2012 Resolutions

File Resolution 1: 2012 Affirmative Action Plan
File Resolution 2: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidders-Healthcare Continuing Education Courses - RFP-CE-07-12. Bill of Health Services Inc.
File Resolution 3: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidders-Healthcare Continuing Education Courses - RFP-CE-07-12. CER & Associates, Inc.
File Resolution 4: Approval of Loweest Responsible Bidders- Healthcare Continuing Education Courses- RFP-CE-07-12. Condensed Curriculum International, Inc.
File Resolution 5: Personnel Appointment: Director of Disability Services, Monica Jackson
File Resolution 6: Personnel Appointment: Faculty Counselor/Instructor in the Student Development Center, Janice Moore
File Resoluiton 7: Approval of Revised Felony and Previous College Dismissal Policy
File Resolution 8: Approval of Revised Smoke-Free Campus Policy
File Resolution 9: Approval to Appoint Director of Human Resources, Theresa Morgan
File Resolution 10: Personnel Appointment: Dean of Academic Services, Dr. Roger W. Davis
File Resolution 11: Approval for Reappointment of Non-Tenured Faculty for Academic Year 2012-2013, Second Year
File Resolution 12: Approval for Reappointment of Non-Tenured Faculty for Academic Year 2012-2013, Third Year
File Resolution 13: Approval for Reappointment of Non-Tenured Faculty for Academic Year 2012-2013, Fourth Year
File Resolution 14: Approval for Reappointment of Non-Tenured Faculty for Academic Year 2012-2013, Fifth Year
File Resolution 15: Approval for Reappointment, Promotion, and Grant of Tenure to Non-Tenured Faculty, for Academic Year 2012-2013
File Resolution 16: Approval to Adopt Revised Student Code of Conduct
File Resolution 17: Approval of Reappointment and Granting of Tenure for Susan F. Twomey, Academic Year 2012-2013
File Resolution 18: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidder - Student Handbook. Academic Years 2013, 2014, 2015. Contract Bid Number: RFP-SI-11-12
File Resolution 19: Amendment to the President's Employment Contract
File Resolution 20: Approval of Candidates for Professor Emeritus Status: Libby Bay, Dr. James Cappuccino, Dr. Maurice Guild, Dr. Margaret Martin.
File Resolution 21: Approval of Sabbatical - Professor Andrew Jacobs
File Resolution 22: Approval of Sabbatical - Dr. Elaine Padilla
File Resolution 23: Personnel Appointment: Assistant Director of Disability Services, Ydania D. Santos
File Resolution 24: Approval to increase tuition by $105 per semester for full-time students from $1,907.50 to $2,012.50 and to increase the creidt hour rate by $9.50 for part-time students from $158 to $167.50 per creit effective with the Fall 2012 semester.
File Resolution 25: Approval to increase the technology fee from $5.00 per credit to $8.00 per credit.
File Resolution 26: Approval to apply technology fees in excess of $5 per credit effective September 1, 2014 towards the replacement/upgrade of technology infrastructure and equipment
File Resolution 27: Approval of 2012-2013 Budget
File Resolution 28: Approval to appoint an Interim Vice-President of Finance and Administration, Mr. Rondell J. Walker
File Resolution 29: Approval to revise Resolution 25-2012 to include an effective date
File Resolution 30: Approval of Policy Change: 2.2 Line of Authority in Absence of President
File Resolution 31: Approval Of Lowest Responsible Bidder - Instructional Design Consultant- Contract Number RFP-AA-24-12 (Grant Funded Project-Tittle III)
File Resolution 32: Approval of Faculty Promotions, Lynn Aaron, Patricia Lazar, Catherine Roche
File Resolution 33: Approval of Faculty Appointment: Communication Arts - Beth A. Robinson
File Resolution 34: Approval of Faculty Appointment: Automotive Technology - Corey A. Ratner
File Resolution 35:Approval of Faculty Appointment: Performing Arts - Erica Kaplan
File Resolution 36: Approval to appoint an Interim Dean of Academic and Community Partnerships - Thomas Della Torre
File Resolution 37: Approval of Personnel Appointment: Ms. Cathlene Cruz, Director of Liberty Partnership Program
File Resolution 38: Approval to appoint a Treasurer of Rockland Community College, Zulma Santiago
File Resolution 39: Approval to amend the Dual Degree Policy
File Resolution 40: Approval to discontinue the A.A.S. Degree and Certificate in Electronic and Computer Technology Programs.
File Resolution 41: Appointment of Cathlene Cruz as Interim Recruitment Specialist 2
File Resolution 42: Personnel Appointment: Program Assistant in Student Involvement
File Resolution 43: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidders - Collection Agency Services - RFP-FI-13-12
File Resolution 44: Appreciation to Richard E. Voigt
File Resolution 45: Approval to adopt Strategic Planning Goals for 2013-2014
File Resolution 46: Personnel Appointment - Director of the Cultural Arts Center (CAC) Theater
File Resolution 47: Approval to hire an external auditor for the Board of Trustees
File Resolution 48: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidder - Scene November 2012, February 2013, May 2013 and August 2013 Contract Number RFB-GS-06-12
File Resolution 49: Approval of the modifications to the Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Policy
File Resolution 50: Approval of the appointment of the Director of Admissions position, Cathlene Cruz.
File Resolution 51: Approval of the letter of agreement with the Campus Fun and Learn Center