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2011 Resolutions

File Resolution 1:Approval to nominate DeCiccio Marketplace for the 2010 NYCCT Business/Industry Partnership Award.
File Resolution 2: Approval to nominate Dr. Robert Schelin for the Alice Holloway Young Award for distinguished service by a retired trustee New York Community College Trustees Award.
File Resolution 3: Approval to nominate Dr. Sonya Shapiro for the NYCCT Trustee Leadership Awared.
File Resolution 4: Approval of appointment of Ms. Megan Hannigan to the position of Assistant to the President / Secretary of the Board of Trustees.
File Resolution 5: Approval of appointment of Ms. Christie Cruse to the administrative position of Director of Title III Activity/First Year Experience.
File Resolution 6: Approval of personnel appointment of chemistry faculty member, Assistant Professor Dr. Ngozi Maureen Onyia
File Resolution 7: Approval to submit proposal for A.A.S. Degree in Green Building Maintenance
File Resolution 8: Approval to adopt revised student code of conduct
File Resolution 9: Approval of personnel appointment of Registration Assistant Ms. Daisy Zayas
File Resolution 10: Approval to revise Director of Human Resources position description
File Resolution 11: Approval of proposal for personnel recruitment advertising services - PosnerAdvertising
File Resolution 12 to Resolution 15
File Resolution 16: Approval for reappointment of non tenured faculty for Academic Year 2011-2012, Fifth Year
File Resolution 17: Approval for reappointment and grant of tenure to non tenured faculty, Dale Crispell, for Academic Year 2011-2012
File Resolution 18: Approval of Sustainability Mission Statement
File Resolution 19: Approval to revise the Board of Trustees meetings schedule for July - August 2011
File Resolution 20: Approval of reapointment of non tenured faculty for Academic Year 2011-2012, Susan F. Twomey
File Resolution 21: Approval of Diversity Committee Report
File Resolution 22: Approval of President's Goals for Academic Year 2010-2011
File Resolution 23: Approval to confer an Honorary Degree posthumously upon the late Joel Lipson
File Resolution 24: Approval of personnel appointment, chemistry faculty member, Instructor, Adessa Butler
File Resolution 25: Approval of Naming Opportunities Policy and Procedures.
File Resolution 26: Approval of Sabbatical for Ms. Dorothea Lever.
File Resolution 27: Personnel Appointment for Recruitment Specialist 2, Ms. Lisa DiTroia.
File Resolution 28: Approval for Continuation of SUNY Rockland Community College High School Program.
File Resolution 29: Honoring the Memory of Professor Geraldine Jackson
File Resolution 30: Approval to discontinue the A.S. Degree in Human Services
File Resolution 31: Personnel Appointment for Director of Academic Support Services, Thomas P. Della Torre
File Resolution 32: Personnel Appointment for Assistant Director of Disability Services, Monica Jackson
File Resolution 33: Approval for tuition increase, $150 per semester for ft students, $12 credit hour rate increase for pt students, effective fall 2011 semester
File Resolution 34: Approval of 2011 - 2012 budget
File Resolution 35: Brucker Hall Computer Room Air Conditioning System Contract Number RFB-PF-15-11
File Resolution 36: Approval of Proposal for Instructional Design Consultant - Contract Number RFP-AA-12-11
File Resolution 37: Approval of Faculty Promotions - Ms. Elyse Fuller, Mr. James Salvadon, Ms. Lisa Schachter
File Resolution 38: Faculty Appointments, Physical Education: Mr. Erik Ellingsen
File Resolution 39: Approval to amend the Rockland Community College Board of Trustees' By-laws
File Resolution 40: Approval to accept resignation of non-tenured faculty, Dr. Kimberly Kohlhausen, effective May 21, 2009
File Resolution 41: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidder - Instructional Design Consultant, Year II - Contract Number RFP-AA-18-11 9 (Grant Funded Project Title III)
File Resolution 42: Approval to amend the Student Grade Change Policy
File Resolution 43: Faculty Appointment: Criminal Justice Faculty - Clifford M. Ader
File Resolution 44: Faculty Appointment: Criminal Justice Faculty - Lisa Whiteside
File Resolution 45: Faculty Appointment: English Skills Faculty - Ronald (Rhonney) W. Grant
File Resolution 46: Approval to reappoint Dr. Edmund W. Gordon as Scholar in Residence, RCC Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Academic Year 2011-2012
File Resolution 47: Personnel Appointment: Vice President of Student Development, Karen Gualtieri
File Resolution 48: Personnel Appointment: Dean of Enrollment Management, Dana Stilley
File Resolution 49: Approval to appoint an Interim Dean of Academic Services, Thomas Della Torre
File Resolution 50: Personnel Appointment: Fitness / Intramural and Pool Administrator
File Resolution 51: Approval of Board Workshop and Meeting Calendar 2012
File Resolution 52: Approval of Lowest Responsible Bidder - SCENE February 2012, May 2012, and August 2012 Contract Number RFB-GS-06-12
File Resolution 53: Rescinding the BOT vote for Resolution 50-2011
File Resolution 54: Personnel Appointment: Fitness / Intramural and Pool Administrator, Edward Bajor