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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees consists of ten members who are appointed in compliance with Section 6306 of the New York State Education Law. BOT has the responsibility of periodically reviewing and evaluating the policies and procedures of the college and amend where appropriate. There are ten members of the Board of Trustees. One is elected by the students to serve as their representative for a one-year term. Five are appointed by the Rockland County Legislature to serve a five-year term. Four are appointed by the Governor to serve a seven-year term.

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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the principal agency through which the Faculty participates in the governance of SUNY Rockland Community College. Faculty Senate speak and act as elected representatives of the total Faculty to study issues and recommend policies to the Chief Academic Officer of SUNY Rockland Community College, and participate in the development of the educational, curricular, research, and service components of the College.

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Faculty Union

Faculty Union, also known as RCCFT, was created to bring association of teachers in to relations of mutual assistance and cooperation, obtain for them the rights to which they are entitled, raise the standards of the teaching profession by securing the conditions essential to the best professional service, promote such a democratization of the schools as to enable them better to equip their pupils to take their places in the industrial, social, and political life of the community and promote the welfare of the childhood of the nation by providing progressively better educational opportunity for all.

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