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CETL Planning Council

CETL Planning Council

Plans for CETL were developed by the Planning Council under the leadership of the late Prof. Libby Bay during academic year 2005-2006. The original CETL Planning Council consisted of the following members:

  • Libby Bay, Chair
  • Lynn Aaron, Website
  • Suzanne Cleary-Langley, Research
  • Liz Cohen, Nursing
  • Kathy Carroll, Student Development
  • Bruce Delfini, Evening/Weekend Adjunct Administrator
  • Wilma Frank, Humanities
  • Nicole Hanaburgh, Information and Engineering Technology
  • Jeanne Howell, Associate Director, Human Resources
  • Dr. George Krasilovsky, Science and Mathematics
  • Gina Liberti, Adjunct
  • Laurie McNeill, Grants
  • Terri Kaye Needle, Faculty Senate
  • Dr. Elaine Padilla, Social and Behavioral Science
  • Cathy Roche, Business Technology
  • Melissa L. Roy, Director of Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer
  • Ellen Spergel, Occupational Therapy
  • Xi Shi, Library
  • Jo-Ann Vega, Student Development
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