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Diversity at RCC


The College offers credit and non-credit courses exploring numerous ethnicities, religions and cultures, as well as a wide variety of foreign languages. Outside the classroom, the College celebrates diversity through a series of heritage celebrations and a wide variety of student clubs.


Heritage Celebrations


Throughout the year, the College celebrates diversity, with heritage celebrations including African American, Asian-Pacific Island, Haitian, Hispanic, Holocaust, Irish, Jewish and Women’s History programs. Most events are free and open to the public. The programs feature guest speakers, musical and dance performances, art exhibits, interactive workshops, panel discussions, holiday celebrations and more. New programs and celebrations are continuously being developed. The College welcomes the expression of multi-ethnic diversity and encourages students to explore other cultures through attending heritage events.

See our We Celebrate Diversity link at the bottom of this page for more information.




Rockland Community College offers courses in a variety of areas that reflect and support the diversity of our students. A sampling of credit courses that have recently been offered includes:

    Art of Buddhism & Zen, Art & African American Experience, Art of Africa, Asia & Americas

    African American History, History: Minority USA, History of the Holocaust

Foreign Languages
    Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish, American Sign Language

    African American Literature, Contemporary Urban Writers, Modern Latin American Literature, Literary England, Themes in Irish Literature

Pluralism & Diversity
    Pluralism & Diversity in America, Food & Culture in America, Diversity in America: Speech & Language, Pluralism & Diversity in Business & Industry,       Pluralism & Diversity: Music in America

Religious Studies
    Religions of the World, Pluralism & Diversity in American Religions, Contemporary Jewish Issues, Jewish Tradition, Classical Jewish Ethics

    U.S. Latino/Latina Communities, Women, Men, Sex & Power, Women & Social Action


See the Catalog of Courses link at the bottom of the page for more information.


Non-credit courses, available through the Center for Personal & Professional Development (see link at bottom of page), include:

Women’s Role in Early Irish Society, Celtic Mythology, Searching for your Irish Ancestors, Irish History in Film, African Dance, Latin Dance, French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Italian, American sign language, Yiddish, Jin Shin Jyutsu: the Ancient Japanese Art of Self-Healing


Clubs & Organizations


Students can join over thirty active clubs and student organizations, many of which play an active role in presenting heritage month celebrations. Students can also form their own clubs. Recently active clubs include:

African Club, Christian Fellowship, Desi Club, Haitian Club, Habitat for Humanity, Hillel Club, Hispanic Student Club, Muslim Club, Out & About Gay & Straight Alliance and Youth for Christ.


Clubs operate under the Office for Student Involvement (see link at the bottom of the page).


Study Abroad

Traveling to a foreign country expands students’ horizons. As one of the leading community college providers of Study Abroad (see link) programs, Rockland offers a variety of opportunities ranging from ten-day trips to full-semester programs to countries as diverse as England, France, Morocco and New Zealand.



International Student Services

This International Student Services Office (see link) provides a welcoming environment for students from other countries. People who understand the special needs of these students are available to help with issues concerning application to the College, immigration, housing, special programs, clubs, and events of interest.

Accessibility Services

The mission of the Rockland Community Colleg Accessibility Services, in our Student Affairs Division, is to provide equal access and quality education for students with disabilities. Here students can find information about appropriate instructional accommodations, campus accessibility, assistive technology, and more.


More ...

Human Diversity and Pedagogy Lecture Series

This ten-lecture series is brought to us under the leadership of Dr. Edmund W. Gordon, Rockland Community College's Scholar-in-Residence, and sponsored by the RCC Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL). Lectures span a range of topics including The African American Male Problematique, presented by Dr. Edmund T. Gordon, Conversation with Students and Faculty about Pluralism & Diversity in America, presented by Kenneth Mercer, and Feminist Perspectives and Academic Learning presented by Professor Andrew Jacobs. More information about the lectures series can be found at the Human Diversity & Pedagogy Lecture Series web page.


College Committees

Rockland Community College has many committees that support the interests of our diverse student population. These include committees for African-American History Month, Asian/Pacific Island Heritage Month, Black Achievement, Committee on Disability, Haitian Week Open House, Hispanic Heritage Month, Hispanic Achievement Awards, Holocaust Remembrance, Irish Culture, Jewish Heritage Week, Multicultural Underrepresented Student Success Advisory Board, S.T.A.R.S. Board, and Women's History Month. For more information about these groups, see the Rockland Community College Committees web page.

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