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Emergency Phone Locations


Rockland Community College

Public Safety Department Emergency Phone Locations

1 Academic I—3rd fl Inside   2 Academic I—1st fl Inside
3 Library—basement Inside   4 Library—3rd fl Inside
5 Library Main desk Inside   6 Academic II—1st fl Inside
7 CAC—Cafe Inside   8 CAC 2nd Floor Inside
9 Fieldhouse PE Office Inside   10 Fieldhouse Mens Locker room Inside
11 Fieldhouse Womens locker room Inside   12 Fieldhouse Hallway Inside
13 Fieldhouse—2nd fl Outside   14 CAC Outside
15 Library Outside   16 Bldg. D Outside
17 Academic I Outside   18 Academic I Parking lot Outside
19 Bldg. E Outside   20 Brucker Hall Elevator Inside
21 Student Union 2nd Fl Outside   22 Library 2nd Fl Outside
23 CAC—Elevator Inside   24 Fieldhouse—Pool Inside
25 Parking Lot H  (upper) Outside   26 Parking Lot A Outside
27 AC I 2nd Fl Hallway Inside   28 AC II 3rd FL Hallway Inside
29 Student Union—Game Room Inside   30 AC II—Elevator Inside
31 Fieldhouse—Elevator Inside   32 Library—Elevator Inside
33 Student Union 1st Fl Hallway Inside   34 Academic I Elevator Inside
35 Student Union 2nd Fl Hallway Inside   36 Student Union Vending Machines Inside
37 Student Union1st Fl Outside   38 Tech. Bldg West Entrance Outside
39 Tech Bldg  West Main Entrance Outside   40 Tech Bldg East Main Entrance Outside
41 Tech Bldg 1st Fl Hallway Inside   42 Tech Bldg 2nd Fl Hallway Inside
43 Tech Bldg 3rd Fl Hallway Inside   44 CAC Art Dept. 2nd FL Inside
45 Student Union 2nd Floor Outside   46 Student Union 1st Fl Outside
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