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Crime Prevention


Crime Prevention Initiatives


The Office of Public Safety has developed a number of initiatives and strategies to reduce crime and the fear of crime on campus.  The initiatives are ever changing to meet the needs of the community and the nature of incidents on campus.  Here are just a few of our initiatives:



This program ensures that all members of the College Community can walk the campus as safely as possible and do not have to walk alone. The Office of Public Safety assigns a Public Safety Officer or a Student Patrol Officer to escort any person who requests it. The department provides the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Student Patrol officer is equipped with a portable radio for direct communication with Public Safety Officers and the Public Safety Dispatch Desk.



Public Safety Officers, who have completed the Police Mountain Bike School patrol the campus on state of the art, specially equipped Mountain Bikes. Bike Patrol officers can respond quicker, as well as patrol areas that cannot be patrolled by vehicles. They are also environmentally friendly.



The Campus Alert System is designated to ensure that members of the campus community are notified of any incidents that occur on campus or the surrounding neighborhood, that jeopardize their safety and security. The department distributes Campus Alert via fax, flyers and campus wide e-mail.

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