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Telephone System and Policy


The college’s telephone system is maintained by the Administrative Services Department. Any telephone service problems or questions about the system is to be directed towards Administrative Services, x4481 or x4507.


The college’s central Switchboard telephone number at the main campus is (845) 574 – 4000.


An important feature of our telephone system is the capability for direct inward dialog. This means that callers from outside to college are able to call you direct, without going through the telephone switchboard.


Telecommunication Policies

The following is the SUNY Rockland Community College stated policy concerning the use of our telecommunications network. This policy was developed to define the roles and responsibilities of all College employees as they relate to the daily operation of the system. Compliance with this policy is mandatory and will be strictly enforced.


All College employees demonstrating a legitimate need will be provided with telephone service. Whenever possible lines or services will be shared or bridged to provide a cost efficient alternative. Current system layouts as well as future requests will be determined by Department Heads, and Administrative Services.


Telephone service is available to employees for BUSINESS purposes only. Employees should not utilize the College’s phone system for personal use. Public Telephones are located throughout the campus for the personal use of employees and others who may require telephone access. In the event of a family emergency an employee may use the system without charge.


If you place a personal call, please notify Administrative Services with the date, time, and place in which the call was made. When Administrative Services receives the phone bill, you will receive a copy of your charges. Any personal calls made by an employee should be reimbursed to the College each month by check or money order made payable to Rockland Community College. A check or money order should be attached to the charge and forwarded back to Administrative Services.

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