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Mail Room


Sending Inter-Office Mail

When sending correspondence between departments you must use inter-office envelopes (do not use white envelopes). When using the inter-office envelope, please mask out the previous address. To ensure proper handling and direction to the intended recipient, indicate the person's name on the first line, then department and room number on the second line. If you need more inter-office envelopes, you must order them through Corporate Express.


Outgoing Mail

All mail going to the Post Office needs a delivery address and a return address. The following information is required for sending a letter.

Return Address
Sender's Name
Sender's Dept.
RCC 145 College Rd,
Suffern NY 10901-3699
Destination Address
Recipient's Name
Recipient's Address
City State Zip Code

The Post Office has provided us with the following guidelines for efficient mail handling and delivery:

  • Capitalize everything in the address.
  • Type or machine print all address information.
  • Make sure print is clear and sharp
  • Ensure address characters don't touch or overlap.
  • Black ink on a white background is best.
  • Omit all punctuation.
  • Include floor, suite, and apartment whenever possible.
  • Put the city, state, and zip code or zip code +4 in that order.
  • Use standard two-letter state abbreviations.
  • Do not abbreviate International Addresses use the complete spelling of a foreign city, province and country.


When sending letters out to the Post Office do not tape or staple the envelopes. Seal or shingle envelopes and rubber band securely. Shingled envelopes have flaps open and tucked into each other. Airmail must be kept separate from other envelopes. Enclosures in window envelopes should not be stapled. If the addressed enclosure does not fit the window envelope, an envelope without a window should be used. Don't use paper clips in envelopes because they can jam the mail machine and also cause injury when being handled.


The mail van leaves the College everyday at 10:30 AM to go on the courier run. The courier run consists of the Rockland County Offices and the Haverstraw Campus. The mail van goes to Haverstraw only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special courier runs are available when needed. Please call x4481 to make arrangements. The mail van leaves the College at 4:00 PM daily with all outgoing mail for the Post Office. All mail going to the Post Office must be brought to the Mailroom by 3:30 PM


Personal mail will be picked up as a courtesy to employees. Please refrain, however, from sending out holiday cards during the holiday season. Please note also the Mailroom cannot sell postage stamps for personal use.


Office Location Change?

A change of your office location should be reported to the Mailroom in a memo. You should also notify the Mailroom of new additions to your office staff.


Contact Information

Office Location: Brucker Hall, Rm 6101
Phone Number: (845) 574 - 4228
Fax Number: (845) 574 - 4354
Office Hours Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
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