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Laptop Policy

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on April 23, 2009.

Purpose and Goals

Laptop computers are used by Rockland Community College employees for internal and external communication, and to support College business functions to their fullest capacity. This policy advises employees and department heads of their responsibilities and provides guidance in managing distribution and usage.


Access to Laptops Computers

Laptop computers are to be provided to employees based on demonstrated need and job function as approved by the Department Head. This includes but is not limited to employees whose positions involve on-call duties, employees who during the normal course of employment perform their duties away from their assigned workspace, and employees who have demonstrated a need to be in contact with their office via e-mail and communication interfaces.


Use of Laptops Computers

Laptop computers, like other means of communication, are to be used to support College business only. Employees may use laptop computers to communicate informally with others at the College so long as the communication meets professional standards of conduct. Employees may use laptop computers to communicate outside of the College when such communications are related to legitimate business activities and are within their job assignments or responsibilities. Employees will not use laptop computers for illegal, disruptive, unethical or unprofessional activities, or for personal gain, or for any purpose that would jeopardize the legitimate interests of Rockland Community College.

Laptop computers should not be used while operating a motor vehicle. Employees must take every effort to insure the safe usage of laptop computers.


Privacy and Access

Laptop computer contents are not personal and private. Department heads will routinely monitor an individual employee’s laptop computer. Department heads will take reasonable precautions to prevent possible misuse of laptop computers. Department heads are to investigate possible misuse of laptop computers when a reasonable suspicion of abuse exists or in conjunction with an approved investigation.

An employee is prohibited from accessing another user's laptop computer without his or her permission.

Laptop computer contents may:

  • Be releasable to the public under the Freedom of Information Law.
  • Be subject to discovery proceeding in legal actions.



Laptop computers provided to employees will be purchased and owned by Rockland Community College.


Upgrades and Troubleshooting

Should a laptop require hardware upgrade (e.g., memory, peripheral, or hard disk), software installation, or have problems that cannot be resolved over the telephone, the laptop computer will need to be brought to campus for hardware service, software installation, or problem diagnosis. Information Technology staff will not go to off main campus locations to provide services. Employees should not attempt to install software or hardware, or change any system.


Virus, Hacking, and Security Protection

To ensure that virus protection and other security patches are current, laptops must be connected to the College's network on a regular basis and users must take responsibility for ensuring that security updates take place on laptops in their care. In the case of a significant security alert, users may be contacted by email and/or voicemail, to bring in their laptops to the Information Technology Department to ensure proper security is enabled on the laptop. Although the Information Technology Department pushes updates to college computers, laptops that are frequently off the college network may require manual updating.