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Emergency Closings

Approved by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on March 23, 1999

Emergency Closings

Inclement Weather

Cancellations: All day and evening classes, unless otherwise specified.

Non-Faculty Employees: Even when classes are postponed or cancelled, the College will remain open unless the President announces a closing or the County declares a State of Emergency. During all cancellation and delay situations, employees are expected to check sources of information on radio, internet, and our telephone announcements for new information. If one chooses not to come in, he or she must use accrued vacation or personal time (not sick leave).

Delayed Openings: Delayed openings should be announced by 6 a.m. In the event that the delayed opening occurs during the time of a scheduled class, faculty are expected to hold the session as long as at least 50 minutes of class time are remaining. For example, if opening is delayed till 10 a.m, classes ending before 10:50 a.m. will not be held; classes ending 10:50 a.m. or later will be held.

Early Closings: In the event that classes are in session and a decision is made to cancel subsequent classes due to inclement weather, an attempt will be made to provide at least one hour’s notice prior to the cancellation. Classes in session would be dismissed at the announced early closing time. Faculty are expected to communicate this information to their classes.

Radio Announcements: In the event of a severe snowstorm, the radio stations listed below will report whether or not classes are cancelled or delayed: WRCR (1300 AM),  WVNJ (1160 AM), WFAS (1230 AM or 103.9 FM) WHUD (100.7 FM), WRRV (92.7 FM).

Telephone Announcements: The College’s Snow Emergency Hotline is 845-574-4034. In case of a busy signal, listen to the radio stations listed above.

On the Web: To check for cancellations and delays, use the search tool at

Enter the Zip or City, State or enter Rockland Community College in the search box.

Nuclear Emergencies

In the event of a nuclear emergency at the Indian Point Nuclear Plant, the College will follow instructions given by County or State officials based on their consideration of all factors. The instructions given by Emergency Alert Systems (EAS) will refer to Emergency Response Planning Areas within the Rockland County planning zone.

The primary EAS stations serving this area are:

AM Stations FM TV
WFAN 660
WABC 770
WCBS 880
WTBQ 1110
WGNY 1200
WFAS 1230
WLIR 1300
WALL 1340
WLNA 1420
WQEW 1560
WRRV 92.7
WQXR 96.3
WHUD 100.7
WGNY 103.1
WFAS 103.9
WAXB 105.5
WZZN 106.3
WXPS 107.1


College response will be dictated by the current Radiological Safety Plan for Rockland County.

Special sirens have been installed around the county to indicate a problem has occurred at the Indian Point Power Plant. These sirens once initiated, would sound for three to five minutes.

These sirens are a signal to tune to the Emergency Alert System (EAS). If an alert has been signaled, telephones should not be used so that lines do not become overloaded.

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