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Credit Definitions

Credit Definitions


Courses at Rockland Community College are measured in semester credit-hours. Each course carries one of the following types of credit:

  • Physical Education Credit
  • Credit Equivalent
  • Credit Load


Physical Education Credit

Credit granted for Physical Education courses count towards credits completed but are not used in GPA calculations.

Credit Equivalent

ESL courses, pre-ENG 101 and pre-MAT 101 courses carry credit equivalents and are not included in GPA calculations. These credits count toward full-time status for the semester and for tuition purposes, but do not count toward degree or certificate requirements.

Credit Load

Students enrolled for 12 or more credits (or credit equivalents) are designated full-time. Students enrolled for fewer than 12 credits (or credit equivalents) are designated part-time. A typical full-time credit load for a semester is 15-16 credit hours. However, students may register for up to 18 credits (or credit equivalents). If students wish to enroll for more than 18 credits, they must have written approval from an advisor. Physical Education credits do not count toward these limits. For Summer session or Winter session, the limits are as follows:

Course LengthMaximum Number of Credits
3-4 weeks 4 credits
5 weeks 7 credits
8 weeks 9 credits


No more than 9 total credits may be taken in the combined summer sessions without an advisor’s approval.

For winter session, students may not register for more than 4 credits.

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