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Assessment and Placement

Amended by the Board of Trustees of Rockland Community College on June 19, 2008

To ensure that students are placed in appropriate courses, Rockland Community College assesses applicants' skills in English and Mathematics, if they are applying for matriculation. Samples of the English and Mathematics placement exams are available to students. Reasonable accommodations are made for students with disabilities who document their special needs.

Exemptions - Students transferring to Rockland Community College may be exempt from English or Mathematics assessment. This exemption is based on a review of the student's previous college records and depends on the specific degree program that a student is pursuing.


English Placement

The English assessment consists of reading comprehension, sentence skills, and a writing sample on a given topic. The following policies govern English placement:

  • All matriculated students must enroll in their assigned English placement during their first semester at Rockland Community College.
  • Academic departments may prohibit students who place into pre-ENG 101 courses from taking courses for which they lack sufficient reading and writing skills.
  • Students must enroll in ENG 101 during the next semester of attendance following the successful completion of required pre-ENG 101 course(s) when these are required.
  • Students who successfully complete ENG 101-International must register for ENG 102-International, unless they earn a B or higher in ENG 101-International and provide a letter of recommendation from their ENG 101 instructor.
  • Students enrolled in credit-bearing Certificate programs that do not require English must take the English assessment. In order to graduate, students must be assessed at the level of ENG 101 or receive a passing grade in all the required pre-ENG 101 course(s).
  • Dropping any level of English below ENG 102 requires the official approval of a counselor in the Student Development Center. Students who wish to drop a pre-ENG 101 course must also obtain the approval of a program counselor.
  • Non-Matriculated students must take the English Placement exam after completing 16 credits unless granted an exemption as listed in Admissions Policy 4.4. Students who do not place into English 095 or higher will be required to complete all English developmental courses prior to taking any other RCC courses, excluding Physical Education.


Mathematics Placement

The Mathematics assessment includes an arithmetic and an algebra section. Students will be placed in Mathematics Skills, Elementary Algebra, or one of the advanced courses offered by the Mathematics Discipline.

  • Students are encouraged to enroll in the level of Mathematics indicated by their placement as early as possible.
  • Students enrolled in credit-bearing programs that do not require Mathematics must take the Mathematics assessment. In order to graduate, they must be assessed at the level of MAT 101 (or higher) or receive a passing grade in the required pre-MAT 101 course(s).
  • Non-matriculated students must take the Mathematics Placement exam if they want to take a Mathematics course or any course that requires MAT 101 as a prerequisite, unless granted an exemption as listed in Admissions Policy 4.4.


Appeals Procedure

The English and Mathematics assessments for placement purposes may be taken only once. A student may appeal the placement decision through the Office of Assessment and Placement.

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