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Herbert Kurz Peace Garden Virtual Tour

The new Herbert Kurz Peace Garden is located in the area surrounded by the Cultural Arts Center, Library and Fieldhouse. Designed to be a place of reflection and tranquility, the Peace Garden is a gift to RCC from the Kurz Family Foundation. It features a central fountain, 26 flowering dogwood trees, native plant species and 42 benches. You will also find plaques around the garden displaying famous quotes about peace.

Adjacent to the Peace Garden, where an old amphitheater previously stood, is the future site of the John and Joan Maloney Rockland Globe Stage. This outdoor performance space will be the home of summer Shakespeare performances as well as other events.

The Peace Garden area is also the location of Harry Roseman's Four Houses, which was funded by Rockland County's One Percent for Art Law and selected by the Art in Public Places Committee of Rockland County. A small Earth Day Garden is nearby as well.

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